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Welcome to the reworked local 182's website. As you can see much has changed but we're still continuing to grow, so please be patient while we make the site more informative and up to date. Our hopes are that in time all brothers and sisters will not only be proud of the site but also utilize it for information about current happenings in and outside of the plant. Please let us know of any suggestions you might have and if possible we will attempt to implement them. Once again thanks for your patience.


The Livonia Plant was built in 1952 to produce "M-48 Medium Tanks" for the Army Ordinance Department. About 1,000 tanks were produced under the contract. After the last tank rolled off the line, the plant was converted to make the "Mutt", a military vehicle, and changed later in 1953 to start production of automatic and manual transmissions. Since 1953, the Livonia Plant has been the Leading Automatic Transmission Supplier in the World. Read More...

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Production Seniority List as of April, 2017

Current seniority list as of April, 2017.

Vacation Shutdown

Consistent with Article IX, Section 25(b) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, I advised you in a letter dated January 31, 2017 that Livonia Transmission Plant will be utilizing a vacation shutdown in 2017,


The general election will take place on the property of Local 182 UAW,
35603 Plymouth Rd. Livonia, Michigan
on Tuesday/Wednesday, May 23-24, 2017